With every career, even if it is your passion, you will come across some really FUN aspects and some NOT SO FUN aspects. With each, it really depends on how you perceive it. What is one persons PRO can be another person’s CON.

Here’s my 5 PRO/CON topics:


  1. CREATIVITY: whether you are teaching group classes or private classes each one will probably be a little different. You have the ability to create different sequences and themes to each class. If you like variety, you will like this! If you get stuck a lot or don’t like variety, this will be challenging for you. In addition to class creativity you also have the ability to be creative in how you market yourself, your classes, your brand, your workshops, your retreats etc etc etc. Again, you can have a lot of fun and learn a lot about how to do this, or you might feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the options.
  2. ENERGY: every single class requires your energy. If you are feeling lazy, sick, not in the mood, hung over, etc, well you need to pull up your socks and perform. It is okay to adjust your energy so long you never let your mood affect your skills and ability to create a safe and nurturing space for your students. Using your energy opens up doors for growth, inspiration and motivation within the room amount your students and yourself.
  3. SCHEDULE: Being a self employed yoga/fitness teacher allows you to create your own schedule, it is not a 9-5 job. It is so rare that you will find a studio that will provide this. Be prepared to teach 6AM classes or 9PM classes. Be prepared to teach a lot one day and none the next. If you like variety in your schedule, you will love this. If you absolutely love the 9-5, well this will be challenging for you to get used to.
  4. YOUR PRACTICE: the assumption is always “you’re a fitness teacher! you get to work out and stay fit as your job!” True and false. Most of the time my own personal practice is neglected. By the time i’m done teaching i’m too tired and way too lazy and unmotivated to go back to a studio or gym and work out. I have done less personal yoga classes now that i am a teacher than when i was not. I have turned to doing yoga at home as a way to fit in my practice. On the plus side, yes, being a teacher motivates me to stay healthy. I do get a tiny workout while teaching but most of the time it’s just for one side of my body while i’m demoing poses.
  5. INCOME: self employed income can mean inconsistent income. Your income is dependent on how many classes/workshops/retreats etc that you plan and that you commit yourself to. One month you might end up subbing a lot of classes, the next month maybe there is nothing extra to pick up. Having inconsistent income means you really need to budget well and be aware of your earnings.

I hope this helped a little. As i said, with each point there is a positive or a negative, it really depends on how YOU perceive it! i’m sure there are A LOT more pros and cons, these were the ones at the top of my head.

Make it a great day!
Chrystal Pearl


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