Fear of public speaking? Shy? Timid? Soft spoken? — That was me in a nutshell and I had no idea how to overcome this as I trained to be a Yoga teacher.  Speaking in front of people, different people each time, is a requirement of the occupation! HOW do I find my voice??

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Let me tell you, when I was in elementary school I loved speaking in front of my classmates and for school plays. Once I hit high-school it all changed, I lost the courage and the confidence and I feared public speaking. It made me so uncomfortable. Each time I had to stand up and do a presentation it’s as if I would have an outer body experience. This fear and sensation continued into University and all the way into my Yoga training.

I vividly remember thinking during my training “HOW THE HECK AM I GOING TO DO THIS? I AM SO SCARED”

Through my experience I can tell you that the way to find YOUR voice is through one simple, not so simple thing — BUILD UP YOUR CONFIDENCE. Once I became more confident I was able to own my voice and own the space.  The way to build up your confidence is through PRACTICE – practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice.

  • Practice teaching yoga classes in studios or other fitness facilities
  • Practice teaching karma classes
  • Practice teaching friends family
  • Practice teaching community classes
  • Practice auditioning
  • Practice talking infront of a camera
  • Practice teaching infront of a mirror
  • Practice making random FB/IG live stories
  • practice using your voice.
  • Practice using different vocabulary
  • Practice using peoples names
  • Practice walking around the space
  • Practice different cues

It’s like riding a bike; the more you practice, the more you refine your skills and can start maneuvering on the bike a lot easier. Same-Same.

As you continue to practice and put yourself out there in a vulnerable state, keep in mind:

  • Don’t take feedback too personally (verbal feedback or actions)
  • Don’t start making up stories about students in your class and assuming they hate you.
  • Avoid overthinking your words. Try it out and see how it worked.

The more times you put yourself in uncomfortable situations the more you will grow, the faster you will grow and the faster you will build up your confidence.

From a former shy, timid person, believe me when i say that the more you practice, the more confident you will become and the more you will begin to find your own voice that is true and authentic to you.

Chrystal Pearl


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