My title is a bit dramatic, and it’s so true. Have you ever caught yourself doing this? It took me a while to realize I had put a limit on myself. I think the most powerful thing is just being AWARE when FEAR runs your life. This applies to anything — new job you want, relationships in your life, health goals, travel goals etc.

I’d like to share a little insight. When I became 200 hour Yoga Teacher certified I told myself and others that I was only going to teach a few times a week. I was not going to teach 20+ classes a week, I was never going to do workshops or retreats. It took me a few years to realize that those words sabotaged the potential of my yoga career. it sabotaged my career because all my actions followed that seed I had planted in my head. I only was offered a few classes a week, well because that’s all I wanted.  HOW STUPID OF ME. I really think that was a DICK MOVE of myself.

WHY DID I EVEN SAY THAT??? The answer…FEAR. I said it because I was afraid. I said it because I feared facing what I thought were challenges.

So, ARE YOU TALKING YOURSELF OUT OF OPPORTUNITIES? Are there limiting beliefs that you believe in about yourself? I challenge you to ask yourself WHY.

For me, recognizing and owning the feelings of FEAR that i have is the first step in facing challenges and allowing more opportunities to come into my life, even if it appears challenging at first.

What is one thing you can do today that is outside of your comfort zone? Take that step 🙂

Chrystal Pearl

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